Richard F Selden, MD, PhD founded NetBio (originally called Network Biosystems)  in 2004 with a vision to move DNA analysis from sophisticated laboratories to the field. The development of Rapid DNA technology enables DNA Identification processes in real-time, so that it can have daily impact on forensic identification in law enforcement, military, and homeland security applications.

Dr. Richard F. Selden has been an integral figure in the development of Rapid DNA technology and the validation testing of the ANDE (Accelerated Nuclear DNA Equipment) Rapid DNA Analysis System (formerly branded as DNAscan for law enforcement applications). Today, it is the only Rapid DNA Product to receive National DNA Index System (NDIS) approval from the U.S. FBI.

Dr. Selden is dedicated to the transformative potential of NetBio and the ANDE Rapid DNA Analysis System. He plans to continue the pioneering R&D conducted by NetBio as the company’s impact expands nationwide.